Central Pacific Valuation
Business Valuation Specialists

Business Owners

We provide independent business valuations and value enhancement consulting services for business owners.

Attorneys and CPA's

Business Advisory

We have the credentials of Big Four and other leading global valuation practices. We have a range of solutions to address your clients’ needs.


Bankers, Financial Planners, M&A Specialists – we have the tools to help you help your clients.

Business Valuation Services

We help business owners and advisors understand the value of their business, in part or in whole. Whether a business valuation is needed for planning and management, gift and estate or transaction purposes our services provide you with the outcome you need.

We analyze key factors that impact valuations, including profitability, competitive and geographic factors, and unique aspects of products or services. In addition, our professionals review past performance, assess future potential and examine external factors to place your value in context.

Tax Planning & Reporting

Taxation Matters
  • Valuation of business interests
  • Value estimates for estate planning

Litigation Support

Business Advisory
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Matrimonial Settlements

Exit Planning

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Management buyouts
  • Value estimates for exit planning

Merger & Acquisitions

  • Shareholder buyouts
  • Transaction pricing support
  • Financial projections and scenario analysis