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Financial Dashboards

Central Pacific Valuation’s Financial Dashboards tells you the real story of how your business is running. We’ll help you measure just how well your business is operating through a series of industry specific measures and benchmarks.

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Profitability Analysis

Financial Dashboards

Ratio Analysis & Benchmarking

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Harness the power of visual communication to tell the story of your business. Evaluate your historical performance, provide regular company updates, track your current business against forecasts and budgets.

Track your business’s overall profitability or by revenue line. Track your sales growth and profit margins. Track your return on equity and assets.

This is the most powerful tool in our suite of products for business owners who are serious in maximising their hard work and efforts. Get industry specific financial ratios to track the performance and use them to fine tune your business. Industry peer group data is used to show how well you are performing in the race.

Central Pacific Valuation will analyse your financial statements and produce a tailored financial dashboard for your business. We will benchmark your business performance to your industry peer group and provide actional recommendations to improve your business. Contact us now for more information.