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Valuation and Consulting Services

We help owners and management teams to identify, understand and leverage the economic value of their businesses and assets. We analyze key factors that impact value, including profitability, competitive and geographic factors, and unique aspects of products or services. In addition, our professionals review past performance, assess future potential and examine external factors to place your value in context.

Transaction Services

Our transaction valuation services include: buy/sell agreements, shareholder and management buyouts, joint venture planning, pre-acquisition/pre-disposal analysis and reporting.

Exit & Succession Planning

If you’re considering exiting your businsess you need to know what your business is worth. We offer several cost effective solutions to providing the answers you need. Additionally, please read our recent article “Focus on the Endgame: An Optimal Exit Strategy”

Tax Planning & Reporting

Our business valuation services support:

  • Estate and gift tax reporting
  • Tax restructuring of legal entities
  • Corporate planning
  • C-corp / S-corp conversions

Litigation Support

Shareholder and partnership disputes, matrimonial settlements, single expert testimony.

Corporate Planning

Our valuation consultancy services support:

  • Development of Financial Projections
  • Scenario Analysis and Modeling
  • Development of financial projections
  • Scenario analysis and modeling to support strategic decision-making

Additionally, read our recent article on “Improving Profits to Maximize the Value of Your Business.”


Lending support valuations. Accredited SBA business loan valuation provider.


Annual ESOP valuations.

Financial Reporting

  • Purchase price allocations under ASC 805: Business Combinations
  • Goodwill impairment testing under ASC 350: Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets
  • Entity and asset valuations under ASC 820: Fair Value Measurements